Compression Tights
that embody the 3Cs

Compression(Graduated Compression Design)
Comfort(A Pleasant and Comfortable Fit)

C3fit tights were created with the 3Cs in mind:
compression, conditioning, and comfort.
Currently, we have two different product
lines that feature these 3Cs: "Inspiration,"
and "Impact Air." Thin and lightweight,
our tights provide a high level of comfort,
you almost forget they are even on.
C3fit tights were designed with a variety of
situations in mind, either to be layered with shorts,
under everyday clothes, or even worn on their own.


Inspiration Long Tights

Performance-Enhancing Tights
that facilitate Blood Circulation

Certified as General Medical Devices in Japan, our Inspiration Long Tights can be used in a wide range of applications, from physical exercise and recovery, to preventing swelling from everyday activities and long-distance travel. Our graduated compression design exerts the strongest pressure at the ankle, gradually reducing pressure going up the calves and thighs. Graduated compression aids muscles in pumping blood, thus facilitating blood circulation. At the same time, it also suppresses excessive muscle vibrations, thus enhancing performance.

C3fit's 3D pattern molds to body, promoting movement

Smart Seam design that minimizes chafing at seams

Superior stretch and fit

Impact Air

Impact Air Long Tights

Tights that Support Knees,
Lower Back, Thighs, and Calves

Our Impact Air Long Tights provide the most support among all C3fit tights. They especially provide protection to the lower back, torso, and core. The tights also wrap the entire leg with support derived from taping methods. Thanks to C3fit's 3D pattern, the tights are extremely light and support easy athletic movement.

Supports the knees, lower back, thighs, and calves

Highly breathable fabric that minimizes trapped heat

The lightest C3fit tights