C3fit Socks Trial Campaign June 18th(MON)- July 13th(FRI)

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Arch Support Socks

Cross taping structure supports
the arch and reduces foot damage.

C3fit arch support socks have a unique structure that supports the 3 arches of the foot.
They help reduce the breakdown for the arch, which tends to cause trouble for runners.
Damage during exercise is reduced by alleviating the strain and impact placed on the sole of the foot.

Arch Support Short Socks




Paper Fiber Socks

Durable and superiorly breathable

Taping structure supports the arch.
Extremely lightweight and absorbs moisture.
Its unique texture don't stick to the skin, maintaining your feet dry and comfortable.
Has 5x more tolerance against rubbing compared to regular sports socks.

What is paper fiber?

Paper fiber socks is made from paper-yarn that is originally from Japanese paper. Japanese ancient practice brought paper fiber again as the new "ancient" resource; natural and eco-friendly.

Cross section view of paper fiber

Paper Fiber
Arch Support Ankle Socks