C3fit improves athlete's performance.  ULTRA TRAIL RUNNER Stone Tsang

Sho fujimaki

UTMF × C3fit video

Filmed by Asia Trail Magazine covering UTMF (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji)
one of Asia's largest and most competitive Ultra Trail events.


C3fit sponsors ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI.

    C3fit 2nd Collaboration

    C3fit Fusion Gaiter

    C3fit Fusion Gaiter

    Graduated compression calf sleeves

    Supresses muscle vibration to enhance performance

    A special tape used to reduce chafing



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  • Durable and
    superiorly breathable

    Paper Fiber
    Arch Support Socks

    Paper Fiber Arch Support Socks

    Exceptionally light and moisture absorbing

    Its unique texture reduces the likelihood of getting blisters

    Stronger durability compared to regular sport socks



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    Available at Action X Stores in Sheung Wan (Hong Kong) from April 20th

Introducing C3fit athletes

  • Ryan S. Blair

    Nationality: American, resident of Hong Kong
    Participating Race: STY

    Ryan S. Blair

    Ryan is one of Asia's top adventure racers and adventure sport pioneers. In 2002, he founded one of Asia's leading outdoor education & training companies, Asia Pacific Adventure, and soon after, established Asia's top adventure sports Athlete Team. He is the captain of the Team and has taken many titles as a racer himself.

    Race career highlights:

    · Yellow jersey holder and multiple stage podiums Wulong International Mountain Quest - China

    · 1st place Moontrekker 40k & 25k Trail Run Champs - Hong Kong

    · 1st place The North Face 50k Trail Run Champs - Thailand

    · Top 3 podium x 4 in 100km Oxfam Trailwalker - Hong Kong

  • Jay Kiangchaipaiphana

    Nationality: Thailand
    Participating Race: UTMF

    Jay Kiangchaipaiphana

    Jay is Asia's #1 all-mountian athetle. He has been a sportsman his whole life, starting with Muay Thai boxing before moving on to mountain biking and adventure racing. Jay joined the Athlete Team in 2011 and has gone on to the top of the podium across Asia. In 2017, he broke out on the Ultra Trail World Tour with a top 10 finish in his first 100km solo foot race.

    Race career highlights:

    · Yellow jersey holder and multiple stage podiums Wulong International Mountain Quest - China

    · 1st place King of the Hills - Hong Kong

    · 1st place Doi Inthanon Hill Climb MTB Champs - Thailand

    · 1st place multiple Thailand XC Mountain bike races - Thailand

  • John Ray Onifa (a.k.a. 'StingRay')

    Nationality: Philippines
    Participating Race: STY

     John Ray Onifa (a.k.a. 'StingRay')

    John is the teams newest member and a breakout star in 2018 on the Asia trail running scene. After discovering running just a few years ago while trying out for the Army, John fell in love with the trails and a year later began dominating national trail running events. Remarkably, John won a large 100km event in Hong Kong in his first attempt at the distance, cementing himself as a force to watch in years to come.

    Race career highlights:

    · 1st place 100km Rebel Walker - Hong Kong

    · 1st place The North Face 50 - Thailand

    · 1st place Rizal Mountain Run 50km - Philippines

    · Overall Champion Mapawa trail series 50km - Philippines